Saturday, September 17, 2011

interesting, pretty and functional

I have started a habit of going to Goodwill almost weekly and I almost always walk out with some sort of interesting find. I found this at goodwill a few weeks ago.
I don't know what this would be called but it has three dials, one tells the temperature, one tells the humidity and one is a barometer. As far as I can tell they all work. I thought it was a great and interesting piece with good lines. Anywho, I took it apart and painted it.
This was after I taped over some parts of it before I painted. This took way too long to do fyi.

And here is the finished product. I spray painted the dials a silver foil and painted the wood a light green and a metalic sheer biege color and then painted the piping in white. I think it turned out pretty good and makes for an interesting, pretty and functional wall piece. Love you all!

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