Monday, March 24, 2014

The Office Finished!

Well the office has been completed! I can't tell you how good it feels to say that. Really all that was left was just decorating and refinishing a desk I wanted to put in the room. So as a reminder, this was the office before decorating:

The closet that gave us so much trouble:
The striped wall and the daybed from Ikea:
I've had this desk in my garage for the past three years. I knew I wanted to use it somewhere. I loved the lines and look of the desk, I just never had a reason to redo it, but I kept it because I knew that one day I would. Well, that day has come! I don't have any pictures of the desk before, but here it is below with all the drawers out after I used paint stripper to get all of the previous stain and varnish off.

You can see what a difference the paint stripper made, it helped me get the desk back down to the bare wood so that I was able to re-paint and stain it the colors I wanted.

 All my drawers ready for painting!
Here's the desk after:
 I painted the body of the desk the same color as my stripes and closet doors in the room. I painted the top row of drawers the same color. I wanted to try for an "ombre" effect here so I painted the middle drawers a shade darker and the bottom drawers a shade even darker. The knobs came off of our master bedroom furniture. We changed out our bedroom hardware for brushed nickle so I took these and spray painted them a dark brown and voila! The top of the desk was stained a driftwood gray stain.
I also had this chair which I thought went nicely with the desk, it just needed a little makeover.

I painted the chair the same color as the desk, and painted the backing a shade darker for a little bit of interest. Then I recovered the seat in some gray fabric I had that went well with the desk.

Now, for the room reveal...
The closet doors with their new knobs

I hung some curtains, and a mirror I got on clearance at Target, my new desk, and another little piece of furniture I got at a garage sale years ago that I now have the perfect spot for!

The daybed all dressed up:

And then there's this...
This is Bear. My Papa shot this big guy many years ago in Canada. Bear is older than I am. He has been in my grandparents house as long as I can remember and I have a lot of childhood memories with him. I am so honored to now have Bear in my home and I hope my kids will be as fond of him as I am :)
So there you have it, the finished office.

And after:

Quite the change don't you think?